The word cereal is derived from ceres, the Roman Goddess of grain. The common cereal crops are rice, wheat, corn, oats and rye. The term cereal is not limited to these but also flours, meals, breads and alimentary pastes or pasta. Cereal science is a study concerned with all technical aspects of cereal. It is the study the nature of the cereals and the changes that occurs naturally and as a result of handling and processing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Graham crackers

Graham crackers have always been fairly low in fat, usually with less than 3 grams of fat each. Graham crackers were invented around 1830. Minister named Sylvester Graham wanted people to eat healthier foods.

He toured the country giving lectures on the merits of eating coarse whole grain breads and abstaining from fats and meat.
He did not think that people should eat meat or white bread. He wanted people to eat more fruits and vegetables and wheat breads that were brown instead of white. Graham crackers were named after Sylvester Graham.

During the late 1820s and early 1839s, Sylvester Graham launched America’s first culinary revolution the importance of coarsely milled, unbolted, whole wheat flour. Recipes for so-called Graham crackers made from this flour appeared in cookbooks during the nineteenth century.

During the 1850s Graham cracker was probably first manufactured by Russell Thacher Trall, a follower of Sylvester Graham and the author of the New Hydropathic Cookbook in 1854. The National Biscuits Company was the first national manufacturer of Graham Crackers in 1898.
Graham crackers
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